Timely care is the most important factor in Orthopedics. And, the centre for Orthopedics at Yashaswi does just that. From complex procedures such as Total Knee Replacement to Total Hip Replacement, fractures to sports medicine, osteoporosis to cervical disc prolapses, ortho surgeons at Yashaswi use the latest medical procedures and cutting edge technology to take care of the patients.

Yashaswi Orthopedics comprises of reputed surgeons with vast experience performing various complex procedures such as Lengthening of limbs, bone tumors management etc. The Physiotherapy department backs the centre for Orthopedics with highly qualified therapists and specialists.


Centre for Joint Replacements

Total Knee replacement(TKR)
Total hip replacement(THR)

Total Hip Replacement(THR )

The end portion of the thigh bone affected by arthritis is replaced with a metal head that can be cemented with a SPECIAL BONE CEMENT to the stem of the thigh bone (FEMUR ) IN ELDERLY PATIENTS uncemented (in younger patients).
The socket is replaced with a metallic cup and high density plastic
The Total Hip Replacement procedure enables restoration of the natural gliding motion of the joint.


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