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The Waysss got registered on 13th February 1996 Under the Provisions of Societies Registration ActXXI of 1860. The main objective of the WAYSSS is the integrated development of rural areas in the entire India, with special emphasis on the health, literacy, poverty eradication, women welfare, ecofriendly environment, empowerment of disabled, training centre for voluntary organisatio0ns and peace. It is committed to plan and execute various programmes by itself and by collaborating with various government & non government organizations both national and international to achieve the above target. The WAYSSS believe in the people Participatory path to development and the strategy adopted by the WAYSSS endorses this belief. The Waysss implements all the activities through, by and with active involvement of target group at all levels of implementation. “Don’t give them fish, but teach them how to fish” is our motto. Rehabilitation of physically challenged has been another major area of concern of the Waysss. Small scale, person centered, and family based assistance has been extended to the disabled by the WAYSSS. PEPSI, (Poverty Eradication Programme with Social Involvement) Scheme is implemented in rural areas of Andhra Pradesh to encourage them to cross poverty line. Schemes for Income generation, provision of better hobits and living conditions, environment sanitation and protection, health care, human resourses development, Promotion of agricultural operations Promotion of small scale industries constitutes the major components of PEPSI under WAYSSS. The formulation as well as the implementation of the project has been done with the participation of the target group WAYSSS started various service banks on 03.11.2002 which teaches to the people to cultivate the habit of “B a n k I n g without thinking of money.

The Principle is live and help live. The concept is donate time (time bank) clothes (clothes bank), blood (blood bank), books (books banks), eyes (eye bank), Ideas (brain bank), plants (green bank), calipers (limb bank), food (food bank), energy (energy bank), and drugs (drugs bank).


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